Hillingdon police commend Riverside mental health staff after ‘surprise visit’ – CNWL NHS


19th January 2017

Hillingdon Police have complimented CNWL staff on a mental health interaction at Riverside Centre Hillingdon Hospital, after making a “surprise visit” with a patient.

The local PC of the Hillingdon Partnership Tasking Team was among officers taking a female patient to the section 136 suite on an unexpected visit, which he said turned out to be a “great experience.” They were met by bed manager Yaw Boampong who they described as “extremely helpful,” and was able to identify the lady in question.

“We entered the Riverside at 17.17 hours having been met by Mr Boampong. We then waited less than 30 minutes for all of the doctors etc to arrive and make their assessment whilst I completed the paperwork. We were then released at 17.58 as soon as the assessment had taken place.

“Mr Boampong was extremely helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. It was a surprise visit to the mental health unit for us. I just wanted to bring this great interaction to your attention as we always tend to report bad incidents,” said the PC.

Kim Cox, Hillingdon Borough Director said, “How lovely to receive such positive feedback in light of the challenges we have had recently with some police interactions.”

CNWL runs mental health services at Riverside Centre in Hillingdon Hospital.


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