Report on Maternity Care in Hillingdon


Report coverHealthwatch Hillingdon have been listening to women who have used Hillingdon’s maternity services, to see if the closure of Ealing Hospital Maternity Unit has had any effect on the quality of care that they and their families receive.

We are publishing the findings of our engagement programme, in our new report ‘Expecting the Perfect Start’.

The report, which draws on the experiences and views of over 250 women, their families and maternity staff, outlines the comprehensive feedback we have received and gives an in-depth understanding of Hillingdon’s maternity services.

Throughout our engagement programme women and families have told us about a dedicated workforce who are committed to providing them and their families with compassionate care.

Healthwatch Hillingdon would like to congratulate The Hillingdon Hospital Maternity department on the results of our engagement. Our evidence clearly shows that the maternity department is providing an excellent service to the majority of women.

We believe that generally, the maternity department has effectively adjusted to the changes made by the Shaping a Healthier Future re-configuration. They have managed the transition well and as our evidence shows the care of women has not been negatively impacted during this period.

We acknowledge the work carried out by the Children’s Centres. Women told us that they really valued the services and support provided to them and their families.

We would also give a special mention to the Perinatal Mental Health Team. Our feedback identifies the excellent support they are providing and the great benefit this has been to women.

We however recognise that not all women have received excellent care, some have not felt fully supported during the pregnancy and not all women have said their experience was positive.

By engaging with women and their families about their experiences of maternity care has given us the opportunity to hear about what is important to them. We have been able to listen to their suggestions on what they would like to see change and give them the chance to tell us their ideas of how things can be done differently.

This valuable insight has enabled us to identify 8 recommendations, which we consider will help to make the maternity service even better and improve the experiences of women and their families.

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