Young Healthwatch on... Lockdown

A Young Healthwatch Hillingdon member gives their view and experience of the coronavirus outbreak, on the topic of lockdown.
Young Healthwatch on... Lockdown

‘2020 will be my year’. That is what I said to myself on new years eve, which now feels a long time ago. The year where I’d enter adulthood, finish my A Levels and possibly go to university. It was inevitable that I would enter adulthood, but now without exams, I anxiously await a ‘predicted grade’. I guess my dreams have come true: no school and no exams- I guess that’s freedom, right? (Well at least to roam around my house and annoy my parents it is!).

For many of us, this Covid-19 situation advanced so fast, leading to the closure of our schools, colleges and universities across the nation. That said, work is still being set during school hours. But now with the Easter holidays, how else are you coping with all this time inside?

There is advice to keep to a routine. Wake up at a normal hour and stick to timetabled lessons and eating hours, but with the likes of streaming websites, is that realistic? With so much abnormal time, here’s some suggestions:

- Learn a new language

- Try baking/ cooking

- Learn to play a musical instrument

- Spring cleaning

- Read books


- Virtually contact friends

- Help out the family around the house

- Play a good game of monopoly

To some of us it might feel like a delight to be told we have to stay inside, but there is a reason why the government still allow us outside for daily exercise (This might be a good way of escaping your family too!). But it is important that we don’t abuse this, as the law could change, forcing us to stay inside and bringing about a greater feeling of isolation. Especially as warmer weather is approaching (shocking I know), we must avoid public places where others could gather.

It is important that we as young people continue to stick to social distancing, to not only protect ourselves but our loved ones as well as the NHS. The more we stick to the government’s advice, the quicker that this situation will be under control and normality (and the football season) can resume

Most of all this lockdown can have a huge strain on everyone’s mental health, so stay in contact with your friends and family, find way of virtual contact and occupying your mind.

Listen to the governments advice and stay safe and stay inside.


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