Young Healthwatch on... The easing of lockdown

A Young Healthwatch Hillingdon member gives their view and experience of the coronavirus outbreak, on the topic of the easing of lockdown.
Young Healthwatch on... Easing of lockdown

The last few months have been many things. I can't find one word to describe it… confusing, frustrating, scary, odd, interesting are some words that can sum it up. The need for the world to pause and heal was well overdue. Everyone had to stop and evaluate their meaning of normal. 2020 has been an interesting year. All the global events that have taken place. The intensity it has had on all our livelihoods. It was about time for all the toxicity to stop.

My thoughts on the easing of lockdown are that I am excited. Don't get me wrong - I loved being indoors, playing board games with my family, having dance parties, movie nights, watching documentaries, and baking (oh-so-delicious cakes ). But I miss the physical interaction of people. Going to the charity shop to volunteer, where I have interesting conversations and share smiles. I can devote my time to helping to improve someone’s life with the easing of lockdown. I can go to the park in the morning for a run and stretch in the sun, and admire the essence of nature. I can get lost in the green of the tree, the beautiful sun, as I feel peace seeping through my body and all the worries leave my mind.

I am concerned though about the spread of the virus. I would like to see more people wear masks and keep their distance from people, as it will help tackle the spread of the virus. If we live with people who are prone to the virus we should be mindful when leaving the house. Furthermore, with protective measures in place we could prevent a second wave from forming. It is concerning as some people started being lenient with the lockdown and have broken rules, due to being tired of being indoors. Will people listen if we do have another lockdown?

Speaking to a few friends about their thoughts on the easing of lockdown, the response is varied; mostly positive though. One friend talked about the employment situation, which unfortunately caused psychological and emotional distress on individuals and their families. People are now able to get back to work and provide for their families. With the easing of lockdown things can be somewhat better. Another friend stated that people can be relieved from the pressures of being indoors. The virus affected many people's mental health – there was the death of many people, the fear of losing a loved one or someone we know; the pressures of being indoors and lonely or even not getting on with family members. With the easing of lockdown people can relax and breathe, as the world opens up. Meeting up with friends or loved ones at parks or cafes could do wonders for people.

With the world opening up it may take time for anyone and everyone to adapt. It is normal to feel uncomfortable during the ease of lockdown. We may feel nervous or anxious as we have not gone out for a while. It is important to acknowledge these feelings and accept they are valid.  A tip I have is to take things at your own pace. Maybe go out once a week, you could wear headphones to feel more comfortable. Personally I went back to volunteering at my local charity shop. I would advise you to do the same, maybe even an hour a week if you could spare the time. This will build your confidence and help you ease out of lockdown. Best of luck with everything and I am sending you blessings and happiness.

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