Phlebotomy Update

Read the latest changes to Phlebotomy services in Hillingdon.
Hillingdon Hospital Phlebotomy Update

Due in part to the risks presented by COVID-19, phlebotomy services have changed in the borough. Read the update from Hillingdon Hospital below:

In order to protect our patients we have stopped the GP phlebotomy service at Hillingdon Hospital as of 11 January 2021. In partnership with the Hillingdon Healthcare Partners, we have set up community hubs, which includes Mount Vernon.


The move is intended to safeguard patients by reducing the risk to them inherent in attending an acute hospital. Joining a queue and then entering a waiting area as part of a non-appointment, ‘walk-in’ service carries heightened risk of Covid-19 infection, even with the strict infection control safeguards in place in our hospital.  It was noted by the CQC towards the end of last year that the hospital had a high number of patients coming on site for routine blood tests.


Fortunately, work by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Hillingdon GP Confederation had already begun, looking into ways to hold more phlebotomy clinics in the community. The work had identified that the majority of walk-in attendees of the clinic at Hillingdon Hospital  had been referred by their GP, so measures are now in place to divert these patients to the community hubs.


We are working closely with the CCG and the Confederation to facilitate the switch to the outreach service and also to monitor its progress through regular meetings.

You can find further details at the Hillingdon Hospital website, and on the phlebotomy service poster.

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