Healthwatch Hillingdon publish their Annual Report 2017-18


Healthwatch Hillingdon are pleased to be able to publish our Annual Report 2017-18, which tells the story of our 5th year.

We report on, how we have continued to focus on ensuring that the voice of the Hillingdon public is heard;

We show, how we are widening our reach and giving young people a voice to speak up;

We highlight, how the public’s lived experience and views are influencing decision making;

We demonstrate, how the public’s voice is helping to make positive changes to health and care in the borough;

And, we prove without doubt, how important it is to listen to what the public say about our services.








Graham Hawkes, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Although it has been another busy year, which has come with its challenges, 2017-18 has also been very rewarding.  It is pleasing to see the positive outcomes from our work. Particularly the continued improvements we see year on year, from our work on young people’s mental wellbeing, hospital discharge and maternity. “Sometimes though, it is the small things that give us great satisfaction. Like the thank you card you’re given by somebody for providing them with the right information and advice and making a real difference to their life.”

“As our report shows, the success that we have had comes from putting the public at the centre of everything we do. By listening to the public, and presenting their views and experiences, is showing care services how they can improve. That is why we believe it is so important that commissioners and providers of care talk to the public and involve them in their work. Real change will only come about when we commit to listening to patients, their carers and families, and learn from their lived experiences.”

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