How can I get involved?

Who can get involved?Foster Carers Conference

Regardless of your age, background or situation, anyone and everyone with an interest in health and social care can get involved.
Carers, service users, community leaders, patient representatives … everyone’s views matter.

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Why get involved?

The work of Healthwatch Hillingdon is relevant to you, your family, friends and the wider community. We all use health and social care services or know someone who does.

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There are a wide range of opportunities for you to help and make a difference in your community:


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Have your sayYour Voice Counts

Healthwatch Hillingdon gives you the chance to say what you think about how local health and social care services are run and the platform to express your opinions and views on issues that are affecting these services.

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VolunteeringBecome a Volunteer

At Healthwatch Hillingdon we have some interesting volunteering roles which give you the chance to work with others to make a difference to local health and social care services.

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Complete a survey

We are very keen to gather your feedback on specific issues that affect the care services that you, your family and the wider community receive. We therefore regularly conduct surveys to seek your opinions and views.

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Take part in a consultationConsultations_icon

Whether online, or at one of our community meetings, Healthwatch Hillingdon are continually seeking your response to consultations issued by bodies such as the Department of Health and the NHS.

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