Volunteering FAQs

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone with an interest in health and social care can get involved.
We represent everyone, from every community in Hillingdon Borough regardless of background or situation. Working on your behalf we will make sure that your views about a service you receive such as a visit to a dentist, doctors, hospital, day care centre or care home are heard and acted on.
Currently we have representatives who are service users and carers both past and present and community leaders. We work closely with groups representing the diversity of service users and encourage the involvement from all sections of the community.

Why Get Involved?

We all use health and social care services or know someone who does, by becoming involved you can:

  • have your say on important service issues
  • review and monitor how local services are planned and run
  • influence those who make decisions about new or existing health & social care services
  • get attention for neglected issues or ideas
  • help the community speak with a stronger local voice
  • help services provide better care

How Can I Get Involved?

We need your views – so that we can help you! The simplest but most important way is for you to tell us about your experiences of care services within Hillingdon so that together we can influence policymakers and providers to create a better health and social care system that meets the needs of residents and communities. Your experience is important to us, your voice counts.

If you would like to be more involved, our opportunities and volunteering roles are listed on the folowing pages, if you don’t see anything relevant, please contact us to discuss other opportunities:

Latest Volunteering Opportunities
Other Volunteering Opportunities