About Us

Healthwatch Hillingdon is one of 152 community focused local Healthwatch. Together we form the Healthwatch network, working closely to ensure consumers’ views are represented  locally and nationally led by Healthwatch England. We came into being on the 1st April 2013, replacing Hillingdon LINk.

Board members were selected by interview following an advertising campaign at the end of 2012.  The process was overseen by Hillingdon Councils Head of  Quality and Performance, who was responsible for commissioning Healthwatch in Hillingdon.  In September 2013, Healthwatch Hillingdon celebrated a successful launch on September 18th 2013 at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge, with over 150 delegates in attendance. Participants included members of the public, service users, carers, members of the Voluntary and Community Sectors, as well as senior representatives from the Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group, The Hillingdon Hospitals Foundation Trust, Central & North West London Foundation Trust and the London Borough of Hillingdon.

You can download our first Annual Report here or for a printed copy, come and see us.

A full report of our launch event is available to download here.

What does Healthwatch Hillingdon do?

Read are our work plan for 2014-2015 here

Healthwatch Hillingdon helps people get the best out of their local health and social care services; whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow. Healthwatch Hillingdon is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services. Not just people who use them, but anyone who might need to in the future.

By making sure the views and experiences of all people who use services are gathered, analysed and acted upon, we can help make services better now and in the future.  Healthwatch Hillingdon actively seeks views from all sections of the community, especially from those who sometimes struggle to be heard. We also encourage health and social care providers, regulators and planners to hear directly from people themselves.

How can Healthwatch change anything within the NHS?

The video below provides a good overview of who we work with and how we can influence change in the NHS.

Healthwatch Englands 2012/13 Annual Report is now available to download.