Why Complain?

A national survey carried out earlier this year by by Healthwatch England and YouGov, found the system for making complaints about health and social care services wasn’t working. A survey carried out  found that:

  • 54% of people who had a problem with their health or social care service in the last three years did nothing to report it or give feedback
  • 49% of people had no confidence that formal complaints in health and social care are dealt with effectively
  • 38% of those who made a formal complaint said they did not find it easy to complain

Healthwatch England spoke directly to consumers, sector leaders and reviewed the evidence around the current complaints system across health and social care. Watch the video to find out what was said.

We know it can be difficult to complain, we are here to make sure that process is as simple and clear as possible. Your experiences are important and can help to inform the commissioners and providers what they are doing well, or where services need to change. What you say to us could shape and improve the care services in Hillingdon and have a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of local adults, young people and children.

Find out here how to complain.